after many weeks of work i have now a playable version ready for you to criticize on.

i am looking for some criticism here. that means you can tell me:
if something is wrong or crashes.
the gameplay sucks.
the audio sucks.

here is the Demo Game.

gameplay footage.

puzzle solving Horror game public beta Out now!

i have been working on a Puzzle solving survival horror game.
and so far. i haven't gotten far. i know that it takes time to make games. especially puzzles that are clever. i'm not event finished with the first puzzle yet and i find it cheesy and not clever at all.

i am using the Unity game engine to make the game (that means that its gonna be in 3D). at first i wanted it to be an fps game. but then i realized. many new horror games are fps games. so i decided to make it 3rd person. but not like dead space 3rd person. but silent hill for ps1 kinda style. so far its looking good.

the gameplay should be simple. you are walking in the darkness. so it is obvious that we are gonna need a flash light. good thing is you will get it at the first room (spoiler).
the unlucky part is that you have the worst flash light ever created. so you are gonna need some batteries. thankfully there are batteries scattered around in the house. and in case you do not find any batteries. you can get batteries of other electronic devises that are also conveniently scattered around the house.

the graphics are pretty bad. as of now. right now i'm using fast created low polly characters with no face.
but when the game is close to being finished i will update the characters to more detailed versions.

thats all i got. here is a picture of the gameplay (Silent Hill Style!).

Survival Horror Game development!

More 3D

2012-01-02 08:20:24 by Fishermen

Finally found my god damn hard drive that has some of my 3D images that i created millenniums ago. (what i mean by that is that i created them for a long time ago).

my hand drawing sucks but after some months and months of practice then i should be able to make both 2D and 3D animation in no time.

well i tried.

2011-12-26 12:53:10 by Fishermen

for the last couple of weeks i have been doing some flash animations instead of 3D. i was getting a little tired of only doing 3D images. so i bought flash.
i made 4 flash animations and posted them here on newgrounds. i read all the reviews i got and i am thank full for them.

but then i discovered that i could upload 3D art into the art portal. so now i'm gonna try uploading most of my 3D works here. as soon as i find my hard drive.

i am still planing to use flash in the future (programming wise).

that was all i had in mind.

happy holidays everyone!

here i am

2011-08-27 14:00:19 by Fishermen

first blog posty thingy stuff.

i currently have no flying idea what to write in this first blog post.
so em...... aaaaaaa.
oh look options! ITALIC

anyway. no much from me as i just started here.